Cape Cod

This has been a great summer for me here in New England. I’ve been going to the Cape Cod pretty much every weekend with my friends. We usually go to Eastham or Provincetown (one of my favorite places to travel in MA). Provincetown is a must go destination for those who are passing through MA and want to explorer local culture and just have an amazing time. People there are just so friendly and you will feel like you are home no matter where you are from. Now let’s talk about the most important thing (FOOD). You can find so many little restaurants for every taste, and everything just tastes amazing! I personally love Patio, Crown & Anchor both located in the main street. Also Sal’s Place is amazing and the staff are super friendly! If you guys go to Ptown try to experience at least one of the restaurants I mentioned. I promise you won’t regret. When it comes to fun, you can always try Tea Dance at Boatslip Resort that starts from 4:00 pm until 7:00. They sell many kind of drinks and play great music!

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