Back To Basics


This past weekend was one of the hottest weekends this year. Growing up, I basically had summer each and every day, so I really enjoy the hot days that are not as common in New England. I spent the weekend by the pool trying to get tan and then walked around the city. When the weather is as hot it was this weekend, the last thing I want is to be draped in heavy clothing. The natural choice was to wear a tank top and I chose this one from Forever 21. I love when fashion can be fun and this tank is great for a day of having fun with your friends. Forever 21 always has awesome clothes like this- and a bonus is that their prices are very affordable. The shorts are from H&M, and aside from also being sold at a great price, I love the length. I have always been a fan of “short shorts”, but it is often hard to find shorts that are not almost down to your knees. Thankfully, H&M has a great selection. If any of the shorts you pick out are not short enough for you, just roll them up once or twice! In an earlier post, I talked about my rubber Gucci’s and how many other stores have great rubber shoes. These rubber shoes from Zara are just one example. I love the unique color scheme and they also are comfortable enough for hours of walking through the city! Not every outfit you wear has to be super formal, so be sure to shop around for some great casual street style!

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