Designer Sinesia Karol Closing The Show!
Sinesia Karol

I had the opportunity to attend Miami Swim Week thanks to Maristela Rapo (Fashion Moi Moi). I had an amazing time hanging out in Miami, but the main event was Sinesia Karol’s swimwear fashion show. I was thrilled to attend and she rocked the runway! I normally focus on men’s fashion, but this show was full of so many unique and beautiful pieces. The Romance collection was inspired by the beaches of Trancoso in Brazil. Throughout the show, pieces incorporated various types of prints, such as solid colors, animal prints, floral, and aquatic designs. Sinesia made sure every woman would be comfortable while also looking beautiful by making her pieces from the best materials imported from Italy and France.  I was truly in love with every piece. Take a break from shopping for your boyfriend or brother and pick out an exquisite bikini or cover-up from Sinesia’s collection. These can be found at Neiman Marcus in Natick – MA or purchased online. It was an unbelievable honor to attend this show at the Setai Miami Hotel and I will always be cheering for Sinesia, as she is an amazing designer and person!

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