As I mentioned before, I have not had much time to do blogging and I apologize for my absence. Although the season can be uncomfortable with its temperatures, winter is great for new chic layers and looks. Winter has not been as brutal as it was last year, so we have more time to enjoy being outside and a chance to stroll through the snowy streets. This past Sunday, I opted for another tone on tone ensemble- this time it was nude. I chose skinny khakis, a dark purple cashmere sweater, and a beige cape from Zara. Without this cape, this look would be rather plain. This cape changes the entire look. It is definitely not something to wear on the streets if you are trying to hide from an ex or someone! I could tell the cape was catching many people’s eyes as I walked down the street. No matter what, it is great if your outfit is drawing attention. I truly love this cape because it has a unique cut that is unlike the coats you normally see everyday. It can keep you warm, but also unique from everyone else on the street. With a warm sweater like the purple cashmere one I wore underneath, you will have a great winter layering. I found the khakis at Forever 21Men, which is a great place to get all of your basic essentials at a great price. The boots are also from Zara and are made from pig leather. Two colors are available: both black and brown. This classic style of boots is not only very comfortable, but also super durable. They will last many walks throughout the city. The bag also comes from Zara. I have been looking for a bag that can fit also my stuff, but also look fashionable for everyday use. Because of its grey color, this bag can go with virtually any ensemble. It can be taken to work, school, or around the city on a random day.






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