Denim All Day

Denim is one of my favorites looks of all time. I chose this almost 100% denim look to walk around Boston and meet up with friends for dinner afterwards. As we all know, denim is super comfortable and never goes out of style. I chose this fun jacket from Forever21Men and the ripped jeans from H&M. To add an upscale and sophisticated touch to this outfit, I wanted to wear nice shoes with it so I chose these Gucci shoes that have been flying of the shelves recently. Since the jacket is a little busy I chose a simple top to go with it. If you have one really unique piece in your outfit that you want people to  notice, then choose simplicity and solid colors throughout the rest of it, like I did here. If you look around, you can find a variety of denim that is not just plain and blue, as many people might think. Shutout to Dan (@danbullman) for the amazing pictures!

Jacket – Forever21 Men

Jeans – H&M

Slippers – Gucci

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