Who Run the World?

This post is mostly not about fashion, but how important women’s rights (human rights!!) have to be respected. It’s a shame that in the twenty-first century, women still have to face discrimination and obstacles across the world. Whether this comes in the form of lack of access to education, being paid less for equal work, or being victims of sexual assault, sexism cannot be tomates. I am proud to be a feminist and stand with all the women out there! We have to have the same rights no matter what. There is no such a thing as men being stronger than women. We are all human beings and we should treat each other like that. Thankfully, I have found an ensemble that proudly displays a feminist message. This amazing “I am a feminist” T-Shirt is from Asos, and my pants are from H&M. My boots are also from Asos (I’m obsessed with them, by the way).To make the whole look click together, I chose to use this classic Daniel Wellington Watch, which you can buy and get 15% OFF with my promo code “fabiolimaw”. A big thank you to Josh (@josh_dutt) for these amazing shots! Make sure to follow him on Instagram.

T-shirt – Asos

Pants – H&M

Boots – Asos

Sunglasses – Ray Bans

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