It was a pleasure to collaborate with one of my favorite bloggers and dear friend, Abby Wurster from Not only does she run her amazing blog, but she is also a photographer, brand ambassador, and entrepreneur. I love her taste in clothing and the unique style she brings with each outfit! If you are a lady reading this blog, you have to go check her out! For our collaboration, I chose an outfit that falls perfectly into the “preppy” category. There is not really one style or trend that my fashion can be classified as. I love to incorporate many different styles, designers, and inspirations for my looks- although. I did fall in love with this preppy outfit when I put it together. The idea still exists in some people’s minds that men cannot wear pink, but this pink button-up from Gap is one of my favorite shirts. This tone will look good on basically everyone. The H&M blue shorts can be worn with almost any shirt and the Ralph Lauren slip-ons were awesome for this outfit as they are the perfect mix of class and comfort. I do love to do my hair, but I am also a big fan of the backwards hat. It allows your whole face to be seen while also adding an extra touch to the look. A pair of sunglasses (Ray-Bans) completes this look that can be worn for any occasion during the day!

4 thoughts on “PERFECTLY PREPPY

  1. Teu blog está um arraso, Fábio!
    Estou super orgulhosa de ti. Minha sugestão é que tenhas posts em português também, assim poderás ter Brazilian fans as well.
    Um super abraço e sucesso, querido! És muito talentoso! 😘

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