Urban Vibes

I recently mentioned how I do not have a specific style. While my recent look was very preppy, I recently wore this more “street” look. I was browsing through Zara when I found this top.  Upon picking it up, I realized it was a much larger size than I wear; however, I was still really drawn to the color and look of the top, so I tried it on.  The comfort level of the shirt was outstanding. When I looked in the mirror, the way the large shirt looked on me reminded me of something that Kanye West or Nick Jonas- who are both known for their awesome street style- would wear. Immediately I thought of pairing the top with my skinny grey J.Crew jeans and my white Adidas sneakers. Grey skinny jeans work well with any color- especially a similar colored top- and the white Adidas are a must-have for a more casual look. After buying the shirt and putting the outfit together, I loved it even more than I thought I would.  This was a great reminder of why I like to experiment with so many different clothes. Many people would find it pointless to try on a shirt that is a few sizes too big, but don’t be! The best looks come from thinking outside of the box and embracing different styles, so be creative!

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