After dressing up for work each day, sometimes it just feels great to be able to have fun with friends in a super casual outfit. This weekend, I was just hanging around the city with some friends. I put together the perfect outfit for a relaxed and carefree afternoon. I wore blue Abercrombie & Fitch shorts because I love the length and the bright color is great for a summer look. People may think that summer afternoons mean short sleeves only, but I found a white long-sleeved shirt from H&M that is both comfortable and thin. This shirt keeps me both cool and stylish during the summer. Flip-flops may seem boring and unstylish, but I know this is not true from my experience growing up in Brazil. One of my favorite brands is Havaianas and I wore their flip-flops this weekend. Many flip-flops that I have found in the United States are very basic, but Havaianas are super stylish and known across the globe. They come in a variety of fun styles and colors that will you make you stand out even on a casual afternoon. For such a low price, they are extremely comfortable and walkable – and last a long time! If you are looking for a way to spice up a casual summer outfit, I highly recommend this brand!


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