Anyone who knows me knows that I can be described as old-fashioned. From my taste in music to my taste in art, I love things from the past and often feel like I was born in the era. This week I channeled my affection for old-fashioned things into my outfit. My look resembles something that would likely be found on the streets of New York City during the Roaring Twenties or in Paris decades ago. As people say, fashion repeat itself and this look that was popular so long ago is still trendy today. I chose a white H&M button-up that had brown trim. The trim really added to the classic look and made a simple white shirt stand out as sophisticated. Gap made these really awesome vintage trousers that I found for a great price. I love the unique color and they fit perfectly. The perfect shoes to pair with this look were a pair of Prada’s. I completed the ensemble with what I know as a flat cap. This kind of hat is known by dozens of different names including a cabbie cap, bicycle cap, scally cap, and many others. Regardless of what you call it, this hat has been around for centuries and surged in popularity during the twenties. In recent times, public figures such as David Beckham have worn this hat numerous times. Altogether, this look may seem like something pulled from nearly a century ago, but this would be a great outfit to wear for a night out in the twenty-first century. To separate yourselves from others even more, pair this look with some suspenders and a cute bow tie! Do not be afraid to look back in history for an outfit for today!

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