Fifty Shades of Navy Blue

As summer comes to a close, I am excited for all the great things that autumn brings; however, I do want to enjoy every last minute of summer.  This outfit is perfect for the end of the summer as we begin the transition into full-on sweater weather. The combination of blue and white is one that can be worn anytime and anyplace.  I love these two colors together and the marine vibes that they give off.  White is obviously worn mainly during the summer, while blue shades-especially navy-are found year-round and are especially prominent in fall collections.  This combination of a white sweater and many shades of blue marks the transition from the fresh days of summer to the cooler days of fall. I wanted to incorporate many different shades of blue- from the pants to the shoes to the bracelets- to show you all just how good tone-on-tone matching looks.  You will notice my pants are rolled up about four times, which is something I always do. Rolling adds a classic and unique finish to a look and this style choice is just another way to set yourself apart from everyone else in the crowd.  The white sweater’s lightweight material makes it super comfortable and allows you to wear a sweater in August- something not many people think of! Even better, I found it for only $35.00 at H&M. Now is the perfect time to mix in elements from summer collections into new falls looks!  Enjoy the final days of summer while also staying super trendy!

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