image2I was going shopping for some clothes for the new season, when I spotted a sweater covered in Bugs Bunny from the Looney Tunes. Automatically, my eye was drawn to it as I thought back to my childhood days of watching cartoons. I quickly imagined wearing the sweater with a normal pair of pants; however, I then saw that the sweater came with a matching pair of trousers. After putting the outfit on, I really fell in love with it. Although I am always up to take fashion risks and try new things, even I was naturally a little nervous to wear something as bold as this for a night out.  Soon I realized that there was nothing to be nervous about, as this outfit is super fun and awesome. You just need the confidence to be able to wear it! I am so glad I was confident enough to wear this, as I got compliments all night when I last wore this piece. If you are looking for something fun and comfortable that will make you unforgettable, this is the set to go to.  Cartoons, such as the Looney Tunes, have been all over the runway this year thanks to brands such as Moschino, but you do not need designer money to get your hands on an unforgettable outfit. I found this look for $59.98 at H&M.

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