Like I have previously written, I have been enjoying wearing a more casual and edgy street look lately to balance with my more traditional outfits. As the fall collections come out, I have been seeing more of these extra long shirts. As you may remember, I found a very long shirt at Zara and ended up buying and wearing it. Im so happy that this style is becoming more popular and stores are producing shirts that are made super long on purpose. This shirt can be found at H&M for under ten dollars. Since I spent so little on the shirt, I splurged on some black jeans from Diesel. The finishing touch to the ensemble was a black hat. I chose this more classic hat, but a cap could also be worn if you wanted to go extra casual. Another excellent thing about this is that you can wear sneakers or even choose more traditional leather shoes. It is up to you as to what style and direction you want to take this look in, but you will be fashionable no matter what!





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