Be Sweet

Sweet is not just a taste of food. Your clothing choices can always make you feel and look as sweet as possible. I chose this really cool button-up from H&M to make this possible. Lately, I have been drawn to more unique and fun designs rather than the more traditional pieces that are always out- although those are great as well! As soon as I saw this top, I knew I needed it. This can be worn with almost anything. It can be paired with jeans or even worn under a blazer if you wanted to dress it up a bit. I think pink looks amazing on most guys, so I chose to coordinate this look around the color pink. I wore pink shorts and sunnies to go with the frosting design on the donuts. My choice of Timberland boots was to match with the brown from the donuts. Paying attention to these little details and colors and matching the rest of your ensemble from there really pays off as your whole look will come together so nicely. There are going to be so many more interesting and fun designs out in the fashion world this season, so please play around with them to look as sweet as can be!





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