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We are in the midst of the summer heat and finding an outfit that does not leave you sweating all day is on the top of everyone’s mind. Although we all love a classic all-black ensemble, this color is not ideal in the summer as it attracts the hot rays of sun. Of course, we want to enjoy the warm weather while we can, but we also do not want to be dripping with sweat. That is why I opt for lighter looks in the summer, like this ensemble. The shirt is found at Forever 21. I love stripes and vertical stripes are definitely not as common as horizontal ones, so I knew I had to get this shirt. It is sporty and casual, which is perfect for the summer. The pants are from Zara. Their off-white color is a great contrast with the shirt and the white Adidas, but they still maintain the clean and fresh motif. White is an ideal summer color, as you can stay cool, casual, and classy.

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Shirt – Forever21Men

Trousers – Zara

Kicks – Adidas

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