Vegas was an incredible experience. I had been there once before, but I decided to go back and experience a full week in this one-of-a-kind city. From the canyons, to the shows, to the extravagant hotels, there is truly so much to do. There is a whole lot of walking up and down the Strip from one place to another. Meanwhile, the sun is shining down on the desert and temperatures soar into the triple digits. Because of this, it is super important to wear something that will not make you nearly sweat to death. I chose this fun tank-top from Forever 21. Often, people go with the easy choice of a plain-colored tank. Many of these are cute, but I believe finding a unique tank-top will make you stand out more and elevate your look. I wore short-shorts from H&M to give my legs breathing room. The leather boots from Zara are surprisingly comfortable to walk up and down Las Vegas Boulevard in. A vintage hat like the one I wore is a perfect piece to go along with the rich history of Las Vegas. My favorite part of this look is the red bandana tied around my neck. I have not seen too many people wear a bandana in this way, but I got many compliments on it from complete strangers as I walked through the resorts and casinos. Many asked if I was European, as well, which I thought was funny. From riding the gondolas at the Venetian to exploring the Red Rock Canyons, there is so much to do in Vegas- and you want to make sure you want to look your best while doing it! You never know who you may meet while dining at the Bellagio!

Hat – Vintage

Tank-top – Forever21

Shorts – H&M

Bandana – Vintage

Boots – Zara

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