Who Said Nude Wasn’t Sexy


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As the summer comes to end, it becomes time to put away the bright shorts and break out the sweaters.  Most people know that neutral colors are always huge when autumn comes around, but not everyone may know that nude is a super trendy color this season. I chose this classic, nude sweater from Zara to wear during one of the first fall days.  The breathable texture is perfect to keep you warm, but also comfortable throughout the season. Nude is perfect for any situation because it can pair perfectly with any colored-bottom.  I chose to do another neutral color- these classic gray khakis from Gap, as well as brown shoes from Zara. This season as you are surrounded by the bright colors of leaves, don’t think you’re being boring by opting for the more neutral and nude colors!

Shoutout to Greg (@thz_m) for the awesome photos! Make sure to check his photos out!

Sweater – Zara

Pants – Gap

Shoes – Zara

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