Street Strolling


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Although we think of fall as a time to always bundle up in layers and long-sleeves, this does not mean you have store away all of your tank-tops and clothes that show skin. I originally wore this tank-top under a vest, but the autumn afternoon was still very mild, so I took it off to cool down. The army green tank-top is a perfect example of finding a color that is different than your typical fall neutrals, like brown, grey, and white. You will probably see this shade a lot, as camouflage patterns will be popular this season.  The dark grey pants work well with the darker shade of green to create a fall look that is a nice blend of color and neutrality. Always remember that there will still be opportunities in each season to wear looks that you might think are best suited for another season!

Shoutout to Fred (@iamfrederickjay) for the amazing photos! Make sure to check his photos out!

Top – H&M

Pants – Gap

Shoes – Zara

Sunglasses – Ray-Ban

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