We all have probably heard people say that no outfit is complete without a beautiful watch. Advertisements for watches surround us while we shop at the mall, view commercials on television, or flip through magazines. Most of the time, these watches are shiny and sleek, made with metals- some even silver or gold. There is no denying the beauty of a luxurious silver watch, but I was looking to find a watch that was different from most everything in the stores today. That is when I found JORD watches. This watch brand has a variety of watch styles, made from multiple types of wood. When I came across the Frankie Series: Dark Sandalwood and Smoke piece, I knew it would be a unique and invaluable addition to my watch collection. A reason I love this watch is because it goes along with the minimalist style I have worn throughout most of autumn. The deeply toned sandalwood and solid smoke face pair well with the neutral colors that I am a huge fan of. Honestly, this watch would go well with bright colors, too, but in the rustic season of autumn, a wooden watch is the perfect accessory. The watch is powered by Swiss movement, so I can tell the quality is top-of-the-line. I am so grateful I found JORD watches to give my watch collection a whole new element. Check the watch I chose here! There is also a special surprise for all of you. By simply going to this link and entering your name, email address, and favorite watch, you are entering JORD’s giveaway to get a $75 e-gift code to go toward your own watch!  Even if you don’t come out as the winner, you will still get a $20 e-gift code. Once you have your special gift, ladies can go here to get their own watch, while the gentlemen can choose from these watches.

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