It’s All About the Gold


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Fall is full of sweaters, cardigans, and neutral colors. My previous posts prove that I am a huge fan of these trends, but I wanted to put a twist on the classic fall looks. I found this gold velvet jacket at Forever 21. Aside from loving velvet pieces, I wanted this jacket because of its unique color and vintage look. I have not seen any other jackets in stores nowadays. Because this piece is very unique on its own, I wanted to pair it up with very simple pieces. A simple white t-shirt makes the jacket stands out, while also adding to its vintage appeal. If you choose another pattern or colored shirt to go beneath this, it will be too much to look at it with the gold.  I chose black jeans to go with this look, but it would also look great with a pair of faded light jeans. Timberlands are a staple for any guy’s closet and work excellently with a classic look like this. By having a closet full of basic pieces, you can make a unique and eye-catching ensemble with just one very unique article of clothing, like this jacket.

Sunglasses – Ray Ban

Jacket – Forever 21

T-shirt – H&M

Pants – Levi’s

Boots – Timberland

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