Vintage Look – Pink Vibes


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Sometimes I like to go to the more casual look, instead of turtlenecks and overcoats. In this case, I chose a pink jacket and purple t-shirt to go with this casual theme and create a similar color pattern. You could pair these with either light or dark jeans, either would look great. I personally chose the lighter jeans because I wanted to create a more vintage look. The whole ensemble is very clean and everything looks very smooth. Although this is a very safe look, if you are feeling risky, you could add an accessory such as a bandana. Because the jacket is unique and eye-catching, I wanted to keep everything else simple so that there were a variety of competing pieces. The jacket is definitely the key to the ensemble. Without this, the ensemble is not even something to write or think about it, but I believe with the jacket, it turns into something unique and edgy.  To stand out, even in a casual look, try to get even just one unique piece to contribute to your look.

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