He Wore Blue Velvet


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If you have read some of my other posts, you know I am obsessed with velvet pieces.  This navy velvet blazer from Zara is one of my favorite pieces. It may seem as though this is a piece that cannot be worn often, and can only go with a few other items, but I have found a variety of outfits for it to go with. I knew this cream-colored turtleneck from Zara was a nice fit for it as it was classy and a nice neutral color that didn’t draw away from the blazer. Naturally, one may think that they then also have to pair this top portion of the outfit with light-colored pants, as well, but I found that this dark pair of Gap pants goes wonderfully well with the outfit. The blazer and pants are both dark enough that they blend well together, but different enough that they stand out and create a unique look against the cream backdrop. This pair of patterned socks contains the blue that compliments the blazer and a lighter color that compliments the turtleneck. A pair of brown, dressy loafers completes this more formal look. A Daniel Wellington watch and bracelet that are black and rose gold are a necessity to complete this. A great lesson from this outfit is that having a very unique piece like a blue velvet blazer does not mean everything else must all fall under the same color category. Explore a variety of options and you can find that black, blue, brown, and cream can all work well together. Big thanks to Michael Last (@mlas11), John (@canahtam) and BSP West for their amazing photos! Make sure to check their work out!

Blazer – Zara

Sweater – Zara

Watch – Daniel Wellington

Pants – Gap

Loafers – Zara

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