A Black & White Affair



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Black and white are two colors that are often grouped together, but I realized I had not often worn these two together in my outfits. I went with my favorite wintertime look, a turtleneck. Personally, I believe everyone should have a turtleneck in every color, but white is a great color to have because it can go well with anything. As a counter to the more sophisticated turtleneck, I chose a pair of ripped black jeans. This makes the outfit go from something you would wear in a more formal dinner setting to a more street-friendly look.  The coat I chose has elements of both white and black in it. Choosing a piece that contains the other colors you are wearing is the perfect way to smoothly coordinate the entire outfit. A nice pair of sunglasses, like Ray-Bans, is a necessity- if you have tried walking outfit after it has snowed, you know how bright the sun is. If you don’t think you would be warm enough with this outfit you could always add a scarf to it or even a cute white cashmere winter hat as another coordinated accessory. Those amazing shots were taken by my friend Dan Bullman (@danbullman), make sure to check his page and YouTube Chanel.

Sunglasses – Ray-Bans

Sweater – Zara

Denim – Zara

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