Pardon the Formalities

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Most of my posts focus on outfits that you could wear anywhere and in any settings. These tends to be more business casual or streetwear looks. Obviously, I love those kinds of looks, but it is great to dress up a little bit more and dress on the more formal side. ┬áThis patterned gray blazer is from Zara. I love neutral colors, as you all probably know, but having a pattern or some sort of distinction is a great way to make your look more exciting. The pants are also from Zara. Although these two pieces seem to match perfectly, they were separate. You do not have to always pair your blazer with a companion pair of trousers. I think that looking around and finding pieces that complement one another without being an identical look will distinguish you from the crowd. As with any formal look, a tie is a necessity. Because I had gray pieces and a white undershirt, I had more options with the tie. I chose a brown Tommy Hilfiger piece with colorful dots throughout. Black shoes are a nice way to keep the classy and retro look. While walking from destination to destination, I listened to music in my SudioSweden earphones. Not only did they provide high-quality music, but they keep up the sophisticated look of the ensemble. Don’t let something like headphones take away from your outfit! Shoutout to Joshua for the amazing photos, as always! Make sure to check his website and follow him on Instagram! (@josh_dutt)

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