Spring is Here!

Spring has finally arrived in Boston. Even though Spring is not one of my favorite seasons, I try to look as stylish I possible. I get super sick with allergies throughout the whole Spring so I like to stay in a lot, but when I do go out I do not like to let my allergies stop me from looking good.. This time I chose a fun button down flower shirt and I paired it with a tone on tone, off-white look. The white is a perfect, fresh look for spring and the flower patterns draws eyes and also is a fun way to dress in-season.  You guys can do pretty much the same thing and choose any kind of tone on tone, it doesn’t even have to be light colors.  The jacket is from Forever21Men and the jeans are from Zara. Again, don’t let people tell you what you should and you shouldn’t wear. Be comfortable in your own skin and try to have fun while choosing your motifs. If you guys have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me! Happy Spring– with no allergies to all of you!

Jacket – Forever21 Men

Watch – Timex

Jeans – Zara


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