Back to Black II

I started off my 2018 when a few changes in my life. I got a new haircut (super short) and I’m growing a mustache for the very first time ever! (I’m lovin it). I told my self I wanted to do a change in my life in this upcoming year, and so I’ve done so far! I started going to the gym, eating healthy and doing much more activities that I never did before. So if I can adept myself into those new changes, so can you! You just have to set your goals, and stick to it. Now let’s talk about my ensemble! I chose to wear all black, because it’s one of my favorite tones! I pared this Zara blazer with a black button down shirt and black dress pants. For shoes, you can of course pick any kind as long as they are black. Put a nice watch on to complement the whole outfit and you are ready for a fun night out or even a nice event. And big shoutout to my friend and photographer Josh (josh_dutt) for the amazing photos! Make sure to check out his work and IG page! 

Blazer – Zara

Shirt – H&M

Pants – H&M

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