Chunky Sneakers

I’ve missed you guys! Stripes will be super in this fall/summer. You will see me wearing a lot of striped shirts, shorts, and even pants this season! I got this super comfortable and breathable shirt from forever21 men for under $20! That’s right! It looks like a $100 shirt though. To make the whole motif look super clean, I chose these black Paige jeans (one of my favorite jeans brands). Of course, I can’t forget to talk about the key item for this look, which would be the… Sneakers of course! As we’ve seen many bloggers and celebrities are wearing the “chunky” sneakers that are super edgy but you can turn it into a more dressy look if you wanted to. I got those FILAS for under $70! They are super comfortable and will be in for awhile. You can create any looks with it and look super fashionable. A shout out to Josh @josh_dutt for the amazing pictures! Make sure to follow him on IG!

Shirt – Forever21 Men

Sneakers – Fila

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