Paris Fashion Week

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Okay guys, this has been the most incredible week ever! This is my first time in Paris, and I’m doing Paris Fashion Week for the first time as well. Since this was my first time I didn’t get to post a lot and take too many pictures since I was trying to enjoy all the actives and shows.

Let’s start with the weather. It also fall here in Paris, same as my home town Boston. I packed some light sweaters and long sleeve shirts, since I knew that the weather was going to be a little chilly. As you can see in my pictures, most of my looks were with light colors and super cozy, expect for my silver jacket which I’m obsessed with. I mixed some of my favorite brands to put all my looks together. (Zara, Forever21Men, Gucci, LV, FILA, H&M and Burberry. Some of that stuff you can find in stores right now, and some of it are all vintage. If you guys want to find any specific item please send me any email and I’d be glad to answer it.

Now let’s talk about food. Paris has the most amazing food I’ve ever eaten in my life. If you ever go to Paris you need to try their Foie gras and Escargot (I ordered both in every restaurant I went to, and they always were always amazing. If you want to go out to see beautiful people and eat good food I recommend Hotel Costes  Just make sure to make a reservation because they are always busy, at least for PFW.

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